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Resident Evil 2 Mobile

The time has come to introduce this incredible Resident Evil 2 Android APK and iOS game to the world. After hours or even days of coding the team finally managed to bring this awesome survival horror to the smaller screens of Android and iOS devices. The game runs really smooth and loads up incredibly quick even on older phones or tablet and that makes Resident Evil 2 Mobile even more fun to play. And trust us, you can play this game whenever and wherever you want. The mechanics are just as good as they are on consoles or PC. The story is the same as those as well. This is the perfect time to sink into the world of Resident Evil 2 for good, even at school or at work!

Resident Evil 2 is a horror game that was introduced in 2018 at E3. It is a remake of a 1998 version of the game. We will jump into action by controlling Leon Kennedy - police officer and Claire Redfield - college student. The ultimate goal is to escape Racoon City that has been a target of a zombie apocalypse attack. First released for Xbox, PS and PC in January 2019, Resident Evil 2 for Android just stormed the internet and became a hit right after launch. We are proud to announce that this is the only version worth trying as it has been optimized to fit almost any device that you could think of. All you need is a phone or tablet and you can start playing.

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Everything you should know about Resident Evil 2 Mobile

Resident Evil 2 Android

Resident Evil 2, unlike it's first version from '98, uses the over-the-shoulder camera angle making it a 3rd person shooter horror game. A cool feature has been added to the mechanics of game saving. If you decide to play on the most difficult level called Hardcore, you will only have a certain amount of game saves. Once you run out of ink ribbons that represent the saves, the game will end. On standard level you will be able to have unlimited saves in safehouses. During the game you will have the chance to choose one hero out of two. The choice impacts the storyline and equipement as well as access to certain areas. You can choose between a rookie cop named Leon S. Kennedy and a college student named Claire Redfield. But don't worry, once you finish the game as either one, you will be able to re-run the game as the other character.

Important info regarding Resident Evil 2 APK

Resident Evil 2 for Android

The story brings us to the time 2 months after the events of the 1st Resident Evil. In Resident Evil 2 almost every single person in Racoon City is now a zombie infected with a virus that was spread by Umbrella. Two main characters meet at the local gas station on the outskirts of the Racoon City. Claire is looking for her brother that got lost during the outbreak of the virus. At some point this pair gets separated and decide to meet at the local police station. Little did they know, the building is crawling with infected zombies, even the T-00 ones that are Umbrella's newest biological weapon model. Claire and Leon will have to try their best to reunite and stay alive at the same time. And it is not goin to be easy as they have to be in a constant run for their lives.

In Resident Evil 2 Mobile you will see a lot of the original game. The graphics have been improved a lot. For instant, Leon no longer has his shoulder pads. The feeling of the game has also been improved. Now it's more about the horror and constant fear rather than the action itself. The RE engine also does a great job just like it did in the 7th game of the series. Resident Evil 2 Android got rid of the fixed camera and tank controls. Even some characters' faces have been based on a real life models by tracking their expressions. A new game mode has also been introduced - Ghost Survivor. You are able to play as Robert Kendo, Katherine Warren, Ghost and Daniel Cortini once you decide to play this mode.

How to download Resident Evil 2 Android

How to download Resident Evil 2 Mobile

  • Download the Resident Evil 2 Android APK to your device
  • Run the installer and install the game (may take up to 2 minutes)
  • If you're asked to allow Unknown Sources - do it
  • Find the game in your apps and run it
  • Run the game from your list of apps on your device
  • Resident Evil 2 Mobile will download necessary OBB and data to your mobile device as soon as the game launches

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